Custom Camshaft Design

Kams, Inc. has a specialized design program that produces polynomial cam profiles of the highest quality. These tools control the various polynomial equations that define the cam form.

Kams, Inc. enjoys the challenge of reengineering camshafts to meet a variety of special applications. Bar stock manufacturing provides the flexibility to custom design profile and timing changes, to make solid to hydraulic conversions, and to even make flat-tappet to roller follower conversions. With today’s requirements for cleaner burning, higher efficiency, and more maintenance friendly valve trains our camshaft designs have distinguished themselves as industry leaders.

The focus in the cam design department at Kams, Inc. is on finding progressive camshaft solutions to engine specific or customer specific engine performance problems. Many engines today are required to perform at efficiency and emissions levels for which they were not originally designed. The camshaft becomes a focus early on in any performance related effort, as it is the mechanical brain of 4-cycle engines. The process to develop a modified camshaft design revolves around thorough communication of both the current engine operating conditions and results and the desired engine operating conditions and results.